Saturday, April 29, 2006

schools out for summer

my school, with one to one spanish lessons under traditional guatamalian huts, and my day bunking off in nearby san marcos, very good day MUCH SWIMMING, hanging with me muchus buena amigo del irelana, janet, and meet with fellow marionetista and plotted to perform puppet show in this little bar, para los ninos, domingo, marionetista resistencia aiiii

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

No puppets or bikes for a while, just chillin by a big lake in guatamala, learning spanish, i 'm working ona puppet show for da ├▒inos here, and i might do a show in this spanish bar for free beer, if i get together, here some pictures, enjoy. . . hasta luego roberto

Monday, April 24, 2006

more bikes

ok these bikes are all over mexico and there brilliant, really simple, people use them to transport water, sell icecream, have portable grocery stores, move house, everything, there not just a bike but a livleyhood, the only disadvantage i could see is you have to get off and push to go uphill, but that large bar on the front of the box is good to lean on, The one just above me is a bike collecting a broken bike, closser up details of bikes are bellow, i dont know what there called yet but there everywhere in mexico, it seems like every market holder has one, also just for the random fACtor ive thrown in a picture of an electricity box in chiapas and an old battered buick which i thought was really sexy for some reasom, its funny you see all this stuff in films and then its here in reality, is it real??¿¿??¿

Thursday, April 20, 2006

getting there

Ok this was a cool geezer just spinning around the main square, in mexico city, there was a massive spanish flag in the centre, and i¨d just got blessed by some tribesman, i think it was something to do with aztec culture, but my spanish is still terrible, he beat me with some green plant then asked me to rub it and stamp on it while he doused me all over in smoke, sage and frankinsence i think, then gave me four stones for four different things i didnt understand, and sprayed me with something, i felt pretty good afterwards, but anyway non of thats about bikes

ooh technology

well this is my blog about travelling round central america, my main obsesions at the moment art puppets and bikes, hence the name of this blog, i just arrived on mexico city and have been documenting bikes on me camera, im gowna hava go at showing them but this is all new to me so bear wiv me......

the first image here is one of the adapted bikes that is used to speed melting ice around the city, the second on is a view underneath the streets of mexico city, whats that all about ay