Monday, April 24, 2006

more bikes

ok these bikes are all over mexico and there brilliant, really simple, people use them to transport water, sell icecream, have portable grocery stores, move house, everything, there not just a bike but a livleyhood, the only disadvantage i could see is you have to get off and push to go uphill, but that large bar on the front of the box is good to lean on, The one just above me is a bike collecting a broken bike, closser up details of bikes are bellow, i dont know what there called yet but there everywhere in mexico, it seems like every market holder has one, also just for the random fACtor ive thrown in a picture of an electricity box in chiapas and an old battered buick which i thought was really sexy for some reasom, its funny you see all this stuff in films and then its here in reality, is it real??¿¿??¿

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