Monday, May 08, 2006

chill week

A week spent in San Marcos, VERY relaxed place, except for last tuesday, a week after the last fiesta, they have a mini fiesta to celerate the end of the last one, this involves blasting out marimba music, very loud all over the village all day and all night, theres no excaping the marimba, or so i thought, as curiosity got the best of me, and with two hippies zonked out on mushrooms i wander towards the marimba, only to find a techno party in full throw, funny no ´gringos´ but all locals in full traditional dress getting down to cheezy techno, all ages too, nice to see, thats one thing that really strikes me about guatemala, is the strong family ties, they do everything together, like i was sitting i a field the other day reviewing my bad spanish, and in the field next to me a family had just harvested a crop of onions and were sorting and bundeling them, but the whole family was there from little babies to grandparents all helping each other, you can´t help but think thats the way it always should be.
Ahem anyway enough of me family values rant, so a week spent in san marcos, well i was staying with fellow marionetista, arancha in a nice but very noisy house, surrounded by dogs and cockrells who have no sence of time and crow at any time of the day of night, i guess 24hr marimba music must throw them off too, there are pictures here of my neighbours the cockrell and some great kids, over 50% of the population here is under 16, which is why projects like cambalacha exist (see links) a creativity emowerment project for local youth, which I will be doing puppet making workshops for in the near future.
Also here are photos of an impromptu puppet show in the back garden and a detail of a typical wall here, most of the buildings here are built out of bricks from cob, that is mud and straw, often stuck in a framework of concrete and steel, now studying permaculture for the past two year, I´ve learnt that cob is good and sustainable, and concrete is bad and unsustainable and to mix the two jarred slightly with me, but still i thought it was good that as standard cob was used, untill i talked to a local about it and he said that its not good, its only done for cheapness, and with the flooding last year, alot of the buildings just got washed away, Well i suppose travel is all about challenging your perceptions, ok time for me to leave now to Maya Pedal ....... oh yeah i forgot to mention the two days of sleeping from tropical fever, and VERY strange dreams, well i´m not going to mention everything

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