Sunday, May 14, 2006

more random pics

Ok i'll take advantage of this 'free' internet in this overpriced hostel in antigua, its a bit of a shock to the system to be surrounded by white americans taking about all the groovy things theyve done, after the relative calm and reality of san andreas izapta, well best grin and bear it, soon i jump on another chicken bus, destination Monterico, it sounds very posh, but apparently its very cheap, run down and this time of year practically deserted which suits me fine for figuruing out puppet shows in spanish and getting myself together, theres turtles nesting there too. The most exciting thing that happened last night was a massive thunder and lightening storm, whenever lightening struck all the electricity went off for a few seconds then back on again, I took shelter in a nearby chinese greasy spoon had a masive plate of mushrooms, and tried to figure out my next move. Funny thing about Guatamala is its really hard to get good coffee, I suppose all the good stuff is exported overseas and were left with the crappy stuff, that says alot about the politics of capitalism. mmm yeh. The thing with posting photos on a blog, I'm begining to realise is that it takes a really long time for them to load up, so i might develop my describing gene, and keep photo to essentials in future, well anyway here are some photos; Firstly of the bikibomba the bicycle powered water pump, which seems amazingly usefully, basically its a bicycle with the drive going to the front wheel; which is a contrete disk to act as a flywheel, with two car tire rims attached to it, to act as a pully, around this is wrapped a cord with large wooden beads knotted at intervals, when the bike is pedaled the cord goes up to a small bike wheel pully mounted at the top of the systyem, round and down a pvc tube that goes deep into the well, back up another tube, carrying a column of water trapped between the beads, up to a large water container to store the water, then round the pully and back down the other tube to collect more water, apperently this has the potential to pump, between 5 to 10 gallens of water per minute!. The next photo is some bikes made out of bamboo (!), then details of the prototype bicycle powered washing machine (bicilavadora de ropa) which is basically a rotating plastic drum with holes in, and tubes with holes in fixed inside that, this is rotating within a fixed metal drum, with pedal equiptment fixed at one end, and a half open door at the other end, to throw in fresh hot or colds water at intervals, and theres a exit valve at the base of the metal drum to let out the dirty water, very simple, but no-one knows if it works yet as it was still being built as i took these photo's. The next photo is a totally unneccesary sunrise at san marcos shot. peace out, love n trees Rob

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