Monday, June 05, 2006

Father its been a long time since my last blog...

O.k. hello virtual world, i'm not sure if anyones reading this but if feels good to get my thought out once in a while.
Well i'm still living in San Marcos, preparing a puppet show and making puppets with some kids training to be clowns at a local childrens project. Its funny living in such a transient place for a little while, you start to notice the little things that as a transient you don't get chance to, alot of people regard San Marcos as a place to go and meditate and little more, but theres actually an amazing local community, it does seem though a place of two worlds, this is effect is amplified by there being two time zones!, when the clocks where turned back for daylight saving the local population refused to change their routine, as this would mean taking their children to school and hour earlier, and that would then effect there work as the schools are set up in such a way so the kids go early and leave early so they can still do the neccesary work they need to do, for thier families, in shop, on the farm etc... so the result is two time zones, in the town everyone works on 'old time' and in the hippy village everyone works on 'official time' which obviously causes some confusion. In a nearby village they call old time hora el dios, (hour of god) and new time hora la diablo (hour of the devil).

Thats not to say theres not alot of intergration between the locals and vistors, there is much, one amazing example is this german woman who's working with youngsters in schools educating about rubbish, making things from rubbish, as rubbish is a major problem here, many families just throw it out into the wilderness as they have for generations, but of course unlike generations ago, plastic now exists, and continues to exist for a long time, this is a problem, one solution which is being tried, initiated by this womon and working with local people is to rebuild houses that were destroyed during last years hurracane, with plastic and plastic bottles as the main building material, brilliant! I will be performing a puppet show this coming saturday at a fiesta para los ninos, to celebrate the finishing of the rebuilding the houses after the huricane, heres a photo of one of the houses

and heres a photo of the amazing local community moving rocks as they rebuild the school, it seems that the women do all the carrying of things around and the men dig things, its funny you never see a man carrying anything on their heads

Last week I visted the local grave yard, (top photo on its side) it was definatly different from the usual graveyard i've seen, the first thing I noticed was all the tree's, for when ever anyone is buried a tree is planted on top of them, giving new life, and an immediate visual indication of how long they've been dead, I was talking with a friend about the day of the dead also, a day when everyone goes to the graveyard to hang out with their dead ones, have great feasts and parties, to celebrate death the same as life, as there no point in getting upset about death because it is there, as real and beautiful as life, part of the whole big movie we're in. Set me thinking about my death, how i'd like to have a big party and have little oak planted on me. But enough about death, back to puppets.

Also last week I made the heads of the marionettes with the clown kids, we spent one session getting to know each other making paper mache and the next moulding the paper mache around plastic bottles on bamboo sticks to make the head, they came up with some great charactors, and seemed to really enjoy it, it one one of the best workshops i've done.

until next time over and out

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