Friday, June 30, 2006

mayan cultcha

well i´m in Mexico, finally left the lake and passed on my puppet duties to the next teacher, I think i´ll be back there. I had quite a few revalations working on that project, one of them that giving oportunity, hope and a view of a different way of life than that represented by the corporate media scum to the next generation, is a real and practical way to make a difference to the world by letting the future evolve and grow beyond the contraints of buisness interest. Another one, that by creating positive conections between different communities artound the world, connects people, creates understanding and tollerance and brings us closer to a world where war is ridiculasness to be condemed to history (his story?).
Also that by working with groups startying projects that can carry on and enrich thier lives long after their finished is exactly what I want to do, acting as a creative spark as it were. Working for the Cambalacha gave me an empowered me in a new way, twas great, twas.

yup so goodby to guatemala for now, hello San Cristobel, Zapatistas, small beatiful villages, slightly more comfortable pick up trucks and palencie, wow mayan ruins, swimming in rivers almost drowning, meditating under a waterfall, and thinking.

Thinking alot about my grandad Wilf who I found out recently died, he was a great man and an inspirtation for me my whole life, always full of beans all ways ready for a dance which he often won prizes for in his ´Wilf from Walsall´t-shirt, always busy making something, the last thing he said to me was to keep busy and keep smiling, i know he did, and i´m sure he´s dancing away somewhere, much love to him and Nelly my Nan who´s mourning is pulling me back home. But not before more puppet shows and a taste of america, the land of freedom. mmmm.. we´ll see.
love to all my friends and family, infact to everyone.

oh and a spiky tree and a mayan skull from palenckie thats it as my camera seems to have gone short sighted after i dropped it one to many times ooops

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