Thursday, July 27, 2006

butt fuck ohio

Back in mexico after my fling with the american dream, walking over the border to mexico, I saw no police and no one even asked me my name, which was a strange contrast to the questions, queing and general hastle it was walking in the other direction. i'm glad I spent some time in the place that had so shaped my reality as youngster, from great tv shows such as the a~team and Mcqyver to great literature such as On The Road, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainence, Even Cowgirls get the Blues, and the like yup it was enlightening indeed, on thing that struck me hard though was all the crazy people living on the street, I decided to sleep out for a couple of nites as california was undergoing an extreme heatwave and anywhere inside was too hot anyway, but the feeling of paranioa that takes over you when looking for a place to sleep almost sent me crazy, as its illegal to be outside you have to hide from the police, and as theres so many people already sleeping rough its an edgy situation indeed, luckilly i found a nice place hidden away next to the beach where i bedded down.

I spent a brief time trying to suss out the Oakland art scene, Oakland is a place just over the bay from San Francisco, alot of artists have moved into warehouses there , as san francisco is too expensive, and warehouses provide a cheap a spacious place to live and work, typically they are in a pretty run down area, so the police don't mind they are living in a warehouse. I rocked up in Oakland to see the punk circus act the_orkestra, the opening act for them were some young kids called 'shaky bones' they were kindov anti folk and totally rocked the place. the drummer had a little snare drum with two cymbles tacked on and a old beat up box he was sitting on, with these he managed to beat out brilliant rythems with an old spanner, as the charazmatic sing warbled out such great hits as 'buttfuck ohio' then it was 'one man banjo's turn to get the place jumping which he did, he was one man with a banjo, but that was definanly more exiting than it sounds. The_orkestra gave us a clown tragic comedy love story with small tall bikes and kidove gypsy music, they were very shabolic but funny, at this point i was drunk, and realised I needed somewhere to stay, so after some paniky asking around were I learned that shaky bones were homeless and living in there truck, oh to be a young homeless anti folk band, it all sounds so romantic, anyway, a luvley man called Rich came to my rescue and I ended up in a super plush warehouse which was divided into rooms were people lived, I slept in the biggest hammock i've ever been in, and I slept the sleep of kings and queens.

The next day I stumbled around the neighbourhood full of homeless folks with shopping trollys pilled high with belongings (this was to become a commen sight) strung out prostitutes and dodgy looking geezers, I took to be their pimps. After much wondering I found ABCO ( and was told the general set up, but that there was nothing going on right at this moment, but a luvlee lady came to my rescue and drove me to Lobot ( were there was an exhibition curated by six artists who curated six artists who curated six artists curating six artists to result in 1556 pieces of art being shown ( gettit expedetial growth) a contructed virus, I liked the idea you could make a cultural virus and let it spread into a community, it was intended to only affect oakland artist, who i came to realise there are quite alot of. But one woman decided to mutate the virus and apply it to non oakland non-artists, it was very interesting show, and I loved the idea that are can CREATE community, its something i've been thinking about for a long time as a different approach to community arts.
My favorette piece was a box on the wall which you could stand in and just look at the exhibition through a slot (pictured) this created a feeling of intence piece in an exhibition that quickly became extremley overwellming, you could view the exhibition through the slot, while inadvertantly becoming one of the exhibits yourself. The overwhelming feeling was the only weak point of the show even if you only concentrated on the lower pieces (there was a ladder or binoculars to view the higher up ones) its was so much and i only saw a fraction of the show after several hours, the high up pieces created a kind of pecking order i though, a obviosly the eye leval pieces would get the most attention. I don't know how these criticism would be resolved as there is only so much space I suppose. Criticisms asside it was great to see a show created by local artists in a space created by local artists, probably for local artists as i kind of feel these spaces are visted by a certain clique of society, but it was great and unlike anything i'd seen before, my overwelming feeling was inspiration and hope for creation outside corprate restrictions.
The photos here are kindov confused, as i havn't fully worked out how to edit html, when blogger has an error i just have to let it fly with it, as you can see by previous dodgy postings anyway they include some smartass graffiti from the mama buzz toilets, a cast baby head, some hitler eggs dripping wax, the view of the exhibition thru the 'hide in a box exhibit' and a picture of a bike at a warehouse in san fran, where i returned a few days later for a bike rodeo, which will be the subject of my next blog when i can get the photos out of it. I fixed my camera after the insides of it moved after too many drops, i used this brilliant stuff called plastico loko, where you mix two pastes together and make your own plastic, I was very pleased that I fixed this very cheap camera that was designed to break, and felt it was my small victory over a wasteful consumer society, it now is starting to produce pretty blured photos, but hey lifes not perfect, until next time, be brave, be afraid, live life, love vegetables and each other aiiii xxxxx

Friday, July 21, 2006

hey there

ok heres some random pictures, soon, i will get back on the bike theme as i'm going to two different bike festivals in san francisco, recently i've been checking out the artists living and working in warehouses scene in oakloand, which i'll do a write up about shortly too.
So in no order; here is me riding in the back of a pickup hitching thru baja california, hot and desserty, me being sliced up by chucky on hollywood boulavard wierd and sureal, sum nice graffiti, yes those are 8 tracks this is california, am losing my mind what going on, why does everyone seem to be in a different time zone, oh yeah and some excellant d-i-y road markings at the end of the cycle path. Talk to you soon virtual world, dance thru the world and treat everyone with love, even if that guy over there IS smoking crack and has a gun, TV is a powerful thing, walk away from the computer, look the suns shining xxxxx