Friday, July 21, 2006

hey there

ok heres some random pictures, soon, i will get back on the bike theme as i'm going to two different bike festivals in san francisco, recently i've been checking out the artists living and working in warehouses scene in oakloand, which i'll do a write up about shortly too.
So in no order; here is me riding in the back of a pickup hitching thru baja california, hot and desserty, me being sliced up by chucky on hollywood boulavard wierd and sureal, sum nice graffiti, yes those are 8 tracks this is california, am losing my mind what going on, why does everyone seem to be in a different time zone, oh yeah and some excellant d-i-y road markings at the end of the cycle path. Talk to you soon virtual world, dance thru the world and treat everyone with love, even if that guy over there IS smoking crack and has a gun, TV is a powerful thing, walk away from the computer, look the suns shining xxxxx

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