Wednesday, August 02, 2006

back to bikes

O.k. its my last day in mexico, and probably my last entry to this blog, so as promised more bike stuff, America (well the United States actually, someone told me in Guatemala that calling the States America, is like calling Europe, France, good point really) anyway, the U.S. way fuct up and confusing but one of the things that made it worth it was that there were two bike festivals going on the weekend I was there, they were two very different fesival, I will endevour to put video on to show you, but at the moment you´ll have to do with photos, the first one was sponsered by Fat Tire beer, they have a wind powered brewery and seem keen to promote thier green image, this was a good event if pretty corporate, it was held in Golden Gate park, which is an amazing park, really old trees and lots of spaces left for nature to reclaim, lots of joggers, people with model boats, all kind of activities going on, there were family picnics galore, its says alot that how organised the family picnics were, the picnic tables were fully loaded with food (american like big portions) various ball games set up in each area, and barbecues roaring, and this was at ten am in the morning!, all the picnic tables were taken, the ones with no people were full of food covered in plastic, which makes me wonder how early they have to get here to claim their spot.... anyway back to the bikes, there was a little circuit set up with some amusing mutant bikes that their are photos of here, there was a stage set up with amuzing family orientated entertainment, and all was lovley, many family enjoying bikes, which cannot be bad, lots of folks as well with shiny super bikes, low rider bikes, old new bikes, new old bikes, trikes, tandems and all sorts, great to see so many people enjoying bikes in the sunshine, I did kindov feel that it was another part of consumerism, ad not something Í was really part of, but some people need to but shiny things to contribute to the world, and fair play to them, but I knew a festival far more fitting in with my princibles was going on at the other side of town, CycleCide bike rodeo and bike powered funfair!, ( it took me a long time to get to the other side of town, ironicaly due to the lack of having a bike, this was the hottest day of the year in San Francisco, and it was HOT, so I arrive, and they give me a map of all the near off licences (nice), as they can´t sell beer, and I wonder round with mild sunstroke open jawed at all the veihicles, the photo above hear is of a super high high bike in action, that is about five bikes welded on top of each other, very dangerous looking, and various bike powered funfair rides, much fun in exhausting claustrophobic and fuct up U.S.A, I feel now i want to travel further south as its seems the further north I went things were more about money and less about community, so i wonder if i trave l south the opposite is true, well thats for another blog, so long and thanks for all the fish, much love, and thank you, Rob


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