Wednesday, January 17, 2007

new year

Another year, another blog, hello virtual world. well ill just briefly fill you in on what ive been up to since my last entry, well i was totally spun out by the general unfairness of being in california the richest state in north america, and seeing more poverty and desperation than anywhere in central america, but did reafirm my belief that community is the most important thing and at the end of the day makes you richer than any amount of cash. A nightmare three day trip back to mexico city (i thought it would only take a day and a half, and was tortured by very loud badly dubbed films particularly bad was Big Mommas House II, twice)

Back in england landed at the big green gathering, the best place to land wobbly from jet lag, to staight away start working in a cafe, which i was to later perform two sureal and shambolic puppet shows.

Back in Ireland and Tangle Theatre are back in action doing shadow puppet workshops with adults with special needs, which resulted in a very sucessfull christmas show, and simultaineously facilitated stencil workshops to paint a mobile libary with youth from Cork.
The community arts organisation I was working for managed to get funding for some people from La Cambalacha to go Nicaragua to train with Funarte; a youth mural painting organisation, using murals to build on community and address social issues.
There was also funding for me to go as a youth worker on this trip which i will talk about in my next entry.
I must also add that i suffered some sort of bizzare reverse culture shock, after about being back about a month, where nothing in the culture i was living in seemed to make any sense, and I longed to live in a small village, where everyone helped each other out, I still do really, which is whyI relish this opportunity to return an make some sence of it all.............

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