Saturday, August 23, 2008

berlin shadows and mayfield heads

here was a shadow puppet showe that my friend james and me and his little girl kia made when i was in berlin

it was a very simple process, cut out silloettes to depict a modern day little red riding hood story,
them move them behind the screen, much fun, the small audience loved it

these pictures show a workshop i ran in mayfield for teenagers where we mad puppets from newspaper and tape, painted them then did a short show

puppet revolution

more guatema puppets

So i returned to guatemala to work with lacambalcha, after a very depressing winter of being ill, i decided to spend all my savings and go on holiday as much as possible.

the sun and the quiet large lake to swim in every morning was a very healing time, and back to puppets: i made tis freaky yellow guy on a wandering around san marcos and found material, childs shoes and wire, he could stand by himself and when wobbled was very convincing and freaky, he was used as part of a reptile performance to experimantal pycadelic jazz, one night in this italian tapas bar. yeah. the rest of the images are from when me and abi decided to make alarge carnival puppets here you see the method; using garbage sacks as an armature and alternate layers of newspaper and brown paper glued with flour and water boilded up, seven or so layers later hey presto , big heads

guatemala puppets

bull bikes

here is a selection of some of the seven trikes, that were made for the festival of the bulls in blackpool, with myself and members of cork community bikes, this was basically a festival in a shopping centre which was very anoying, componded by having to deal with greedy buisnessmen, it was fun making these bikes and fun riding them, the aftereffect of the commision was a big argument between cork community bikes and blackpool shopping centre over the ownership of these creations, this misunderstanding was caused by goldifish promotions promoter, moray as he told both parties they owned these wonderfull machines, a lesson learnt that when dealing with anyone ascociated with buisness GET IT IN WRITING, as you can't trust any of these slimeball no matter how friendly they are.
one of the bikes was taken an made into a buikfiets for commmunity use so its not all bad.

more metal crab

Ok these are some images of a metal crab me and another sculptor; Loret, made last september as part of the conemara roots festival, a reggae and trad festival on inishboffin island off conemmara, it was great fun making it as it was constructed out of pieces of broken down cars that littered the island, and in finding the owners of these recks to see if we could use their, doors bonnets and lights etc, we got to know most of the island, the finished piece is now in pride of place outside the local community centre, and i wait with anticipaciation to return this september and spend more time creating some exciting art from junk.

crab on da 'boff

shadows and stencils

Two totally different projects, very similar methods.
these two are images from an experimental shadow puppetry performance in the tig-fili arts centre, this was devised and performed as part of a 24 hour non-stop art event, very enjoyable, sureal and exahusting

The next few pictures are from a stencil graffiti project i did with a group of teenagers from mayfield, an estate in cork city, we decorated a libary bus using stencil of quotes, letters, shapes and even digitally manipulated images of the teenagers themselves, as you can see this worked to great effect.