Saturday, August 23, 2008

bull bikes

here is a selection of some of the seven trikes, that were made for the festival of the bulls in blackpool, with myself and members of cork community bikes, this was basically a festival in a shopping centre which was very anoying, componded by having to deal with greedy buisnessmen, it was fun making these bikes and fun riding them, the aftereffect of the commision was a big argument between cork community bikes and blackpool shopping centre over the ownership of these creations, this misunderstanding was caused by goldifish promotions promoter, moray as he told both parties they owned these wonderfull machines, a lesson learnt that when dealing with anyone ascociated with buisness GET IT IN WRITING, as you can't trust any of these slimeball no matter how friendly they are.
one of the bikes was taken an made into a buikfiets for commmunity use so its not all bad.

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