Saturday, August 23, 2008

more guatema puppets

So i returned to guatemala to work with lacambalcha, after a very depressing winter of being ill, i decided to spend all my savings and go on holiday as much as possible.

the sun and the quiet large lake to swim in every morning was a very healing time, and back to puppets: i made tis freaky yellow guy on a wandering around san marcos and found material, childs shoes and wire, he could stand by himself and when wobbled was very convincing and freaky, he was used as part of a reptile performance to experimantal pycadelic jazz, one night in this italian tapas bar. yeah. the rest of the images are from when me and abi decided to make alarge carnival puppets here you see the method; using garbage sacks as an armature and alternate layers of newspaper and brown paper glued with flour and water boilded up, seven or so layers later hey presto , big heads

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